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Leaking Roof Repairs Brisbane

Knowing how to assess and repair a leaking roof correctly takes years of experience and knowledge. With over 25 years experience in the roofing industry, Go Zeaus is very competent and passionate about keeping your roof in tiptop condtion and can help with leaking roof repairs Brisbane.

Most of us don”t pay attention to the condition of our roof until we notice the all too familular water stains appearing on the inside of the ceiling.

If your roof is leaking or damaged it is crucial that you contact a roofing specialist and seek advice immediately. If a damaged or leaking roof is left untreated or ignored it will only deteriorate overtime and can potentially cause major internal and structural damage.

We are highly knowledgeable and experienced at identifying problems quickly and can fix the damage without wasting your time or running up big bills.

Leaking Roof Repairs Brisbane

What are tell-tale signs your roof needs repairing?

  • The sounds of water dripping inside your roof
  • Water stains appearing on your ceiling
  • Build-up of leaves and debris in the gutters and valley irons on your roof.
  • Cracked, chipped or broken tiles
  • The more obvious one….water dripping onto your floor!!

When it comes to roofing, regular maintenance is the best damage preventative solution and cost effective way to make sure your roof stands the test of time.

Broken Tiles

Roof tiles are prone to damage and can crack and break for a number of reasons. Storms can cause damage due to hail stones and debris landing on your roof . Roof tiles get broken due to inexperienced trades or from walking on the nose or middle tile.

Leaking Roof Repairs Brisbane

Blocked Weep Holes

Weep holes are very important when it comes to tiled roofs and can be one of the main reasons for leaks. This is usually the case if the holes are blocked or the tradesmen have forgotten to poke the bedding and point. Water can build-up behind the bedding and drop into the roof causing water stains on your ceilings.

Leaking Roof Repairs Brisbane


Cracked Bedding and Pointing.

If you can lift your ridge caps with little effort as shown in the photo below then it is time to re-bed and point your roof. Your tiles are prone to damage and overtime cracking occurs causing the ridge collars to break off.

The ridge cap protects your roof by locking down the hips and top course tiles. However as you can see, the ridge caps are just sitting on top and are not held down by the pointing. It would not take much to blow off and expose the roof particularly in the storm season. 


Leaking Roof Repairs Brisbane

Tile Clips

If you have small holes appearing on your ceilings, generally this is a good indication that your roof tile clips may be leaking. The only way to stop this leak is to remove and replace the roof tile clips with new wire clips. Cleaning your roof can flush the water channel freeing up some of the dirt however using just this method alone the leaks will only return causing more damage.

Leaking at the roof tile clips has been commonly blamed on “porous tiles” and people get mislead believing that painting their roof will fix the problem. Painting is purely cosmetic and does not water proof your roof. There will always be an underlying cause for the leak

Leaking Roof Repairs Brisbane is one of many roofing services that Go Zeaus can help you with! We cut no corners and never skimp on service or product quality!

How you benefit from our experience: – Leaking Roof Repairs Brisbane

You get the right information from the onset. On request, we will provide a detailed roof maintenance report to help you understand what condition your roof is in, and we will inform you of the best possible roofing methods in order to fix the problem.

If your roof is leaking or shows any adverse signs listed below, Go Zeaus can provide an obligation free quote to deal directly with the problem source.

Things to look out for:

  • Cracked or broken tiles
  • Loose or cracked ridge cappings
  • Loose or cracked pointing
  • Cracked lead flashings
  • Roof screws or irons are rusty
  • Water stains appear on your ceiling.

Handy Tip

Poor Workamship. No-one wants to pay for a service they don’t need and no-one wants to be ripped off. Cutting costs when it comes to leaking roof repairs Brisbane or roof maintenance can sometimes cost you more in the long run – allot more!

Knowledge is the key! Always ask the right questions

  • What is causing the leak or problem?
  • How can it be repaired?
  • What processes are involved?
  • How long will it take to repair?
  • What materials are they using?
  • Do they warrant their work?

We love helping people. If you have any questions or would like a quote please call us on 1300 469 328 or contact us here.