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Roof Painting Brisbane

Why Paint your roof?

  • Maintain your roofs appearance
  • Present a new look
  • Improve the value of your home
  • Extend your roofs life span

Painting your roof is another roof restoration Brisbane service that Go Zeaus can help you with. Painting your roof will give your roof a cosmetic facelift, brighten up your home and can improve the value of your house.

Storms, rain and mother nature can erode your roofs surface over a period of time. This can make your roof look old, weathered and outdated. A roof painting Brisbane service from Go Zeaus will help spruce up your roof, create a better runoff for any water and make your tiles less porous. Not to mention adding more value to your property!

The colour of your roof may be outdated back from the year it was installed. For example the 1980’s and 1990’s were mostly reds and browns. There are so many other on trend colours to choose from these days to help update and modernise the exterior of your home.

We provide you with a colour chart. We use a range of differnet paint brands depending on your preference.

Handy Tip

Generally when you see advertising for a cheap roof painting job ($1600 for example) BEWARE as the cost of quality paint is not a cheap option. Cheap paint won’t last and there is a practise of watering down paints in return for offering these cheap paint jobs. The people performing these cheap roof painting services most likely will not be licensed. If you undertake their services you are risking your asset to unlicensed trades therefore you will have no comeback if a problem should arise as a result from their work – there is no guarantee. QBCC (Queensland Building Construction Commission) will not back you.


There is more to a roof painting Brisbane service than simply buying a bucket of paint.



Rebedding – We remove cracked bedding where needed and ridge caps are re-bedded down with cement.
Roof painting Brisbane


All broken caps, tiles and barges are replaced.

Roof painting Brisbane


High pressure cleaning of roof and flushing out of internal gutter system
Roof painting Brisbane


Repointing of all ridge caps using flexible pointing
 Roof painting Brisbane


Surface treatment against mould and fung
Roof painting Brisbane


Surface Sealing
Roof painting Brisbane


Roof Membrane coating
Roof painting Brisbane

Step 8 

 Clean up.

  • Remove covers and masking
  • Remove any rubbish from site
  • Leave spare painted tiles for owner/s
  • Leave touch up paint for owner/s


If you are still in two minds about whether to paint your roof or perhaps budget is of concern we highly recommend considering a high pressure roof clean.

Go Zeaus can clean your roof at a fraction of the cost of having your roof painted. It removes dirt and grime from your roof and honestly your roof will look like brand new again. In fact many of our clients are amazed at just how much of a differnece a high pressure roof clean makes with the added bonus of saving thousands of dollars!

We are here to help you! If you have any questions or would like a quote please call us on 1300 469 328 or contact us here.